Deadline for entry
The deadline for entering your film for ISFFA 2016 is 29 June 2016, but please enter your film at the earliest possible moment! Entries that will be entered after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Entry requirements

  • ISFFA considers sports films of any length: shorts, mid-length and feature length.
  • Selected films will be shown at least once during the festival. New features compete for the ISFFA Audience Award 2016.
  • ISFFA accepts the following screening format: DCP (2K/4K) and Blu-ray.
  • Films have to be presented with English dialogue, or in their original versions subtitled in English. If the spoken English in your film contains a lot of slang or is spoken in specific accents that are hard to understand for non-native speakers, please use subtitles as well.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to secure
  • Make sure you have clearance from the copyright holders of any copyrighted materials that are in your film. This is your responsibility. If there are any unauthorized copyrighted materials within or relating to your film, ISFFA will not be held responsible. If we find out there is are unauthorized copyrighted materials in your film, ISFFA holds the right to disqualify or deselect your film at any time.
  • ISFFA is not obligated to provide feedback or comments regarding your entry.

Your film does not have a chance to be selected if it does not meet all of these requirements.

Entering your film
To enter your film fill in the entry form (in English), sent it to, and pay the entry fee of €20,- (excl. VAT). The form explains itself. The entry fee is non-refundable. Only after your payment is done we will consider your entry.

Once you have sent your entry form you will receive a confirmation by email including an invoice with instructions on how to pay, according to your preference as indicated in your entry form. You can choose to pay directly to our account via IBAN or by using Paypal. 


  • If your company is based outside the Netherlands you will not be charged additional VAT. You do have to pay VAT in your own country. If this is within the European Union, you need to fill in your VAT details in the entry form, it will appear on your invoice. For general VAT rules within the EU please go to EU Tax and Customs info.
  • For companies based outside the we will not charge VAT. Please check tax regulations in your country and act accordingly.
  • Everybody that enters a film from within The Netherlands will be charged 21% VAT.

Selection Procedure
We are looking for the best sports films from all over the world. ISFFA’s selection committee will screen all entries. They decide which ones are ‘fit enough’ to be screened during ISFFA. When your film is selected we will notify you no later than on 31 August 2016.

Once selected
Once your film is selected, we expect you to provide us additional information for publicity and the screening of the film. Please sent us:

  • The DCP or Blu-ray of your film (see below how to transport it)
  • A high res video file of the trailer, for instance via Vimeo)
  • At least 3 film stills (high resolution). Stills can be sent by email or via
  • Additional material like posters is welcome

When your film is selected ISFFA has the right to:

  • Use all publicity material for promoting the festival
  • Program the film free of charge during Best Off ISFFA sessions during the year and within the framework of ISFFA’s alliances.

Transport of screening copy
We got to have your screening copy of your film no later than 13 September 2016. We prefer you to use Fedex for shipment.

Sent your DCPs and Blu-rays to:
Bioscoop Het Ketelhuis
Pazzanistraat 4
1014 DB Amsterdam 
The Netherlands

Please make sure it is obvious that they are for ISFFA.

Also make sure your DCPs are well packed, since they are fragile. We strongly recommend you to ship DCPs on CRU carriers. ISFFA cannot be held accountable for harddrive failures as a result from bad packaging. ISFFA will contact the primary contact about the shipment and the exact shipping address.
Costs to transport your copy to our festival are yours. ISFFA will pay the costs to return it. We will do this within 4 weeks after the festival.

Insurance for the shipping your film to and from ISFFA is entirely your responsibility.

During the time your DCP or Blu-ray is in our possession we accept limited liability. If damage occurs during that period we will refund laboratory expenses for making a new DCP, calculated according to Dutch laboratory prices, or the cost of the Blu-ray. Other items, like publicity material, are not included under the limited insurance liability.

Furthermore ISFFA cannot be held liable for any losses whatsoever due to a faulty projection.

Invite to ISFFA and covering expenses
Off course all selected filmmakers are invited to ISFFA. We hope to welcome as much of you as possible. Unfortunately right now our budget does not allow us to cover (part of) your expenses to come here. There is a slight chance this will change in the coming period, we very much hope so. 

Contact information
International Sports Film Festival Amsterdam
2e Van Swindenstraat 178G
1093XA Amsterdam
The Netherlands
General mail adress:
Concerning entry:
+31 6 45077522

DCPs and Blu-rays go to:

Bioscoop Het Ketelhuis
Pazzanistraat 4
1014 DB Amsterdam
The Netherlands