Latest premiere ever? 


Film of 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam shown for the first time in The Netherlands.

The Olympic Games in Amsterdam were the first of which an official film was made. Because the production rights were sold to the highest bidder, an Italian film company, the Dutch Cinema Federation was pissed and boycotted the film. Therefore it has never been shown in Dutch cinemas.

Until know that is! On the final day of the Games, August 21, Dutch Film Museum EYE, who restored the film, will finally premiere it. A unique moment, because it can probably be considered the latest national premiere in film history.

Because it is a silent film Sports Historian Jurryt van de Vooren will comment on everything there is to see; famous boxer Bep van Klaveren and Johnny Weissmuller (Tarzan) for instance. Or the Italian team bringing a fascist salute to Dutch Queen Wilhelmina during the ceremony.

Amongst other things he will also talk about how tampering with the images has had major consequences for women’s sports. And that Amsterdam escaped a plane crash during the 1928 Olympic Games…

Tickets are sold through the Eye website. All will be in Dutch.