Women in Sports Films


At the Rio Olympics there was lots of criticism on the coverage of female athletes. In this debate, we will discuss the representation of women in sport movies and media. When talking about women’s sports we notice that instead of on heroism the point of focus often lies on issues like sexism, inequality, and social / cultural barriers. This should be otherwise!

With the debate we show two wonderful films. Sunakali (2014), about how girls playing football on mountain slopes and plateaus in Mugu, Nepal, become heroes; and Keepers of the Game (2016), in which a group of Native American girls break with traditions by forming a LaCrosse team, a sport that can be practiced only by men within their culture.

This program was developed in cooperation with Atria, knowledge institute for gender and women’s history. The debate will be in Dutch and follows after the screening of the films.

In our panel: sports journalist Barbara Barend, ex-prof soccerplayer and international Leonne Stentler, researcher Jacco van Sterkenburg and sports consultant Hassnah Elhage. Led by Linda Duits.

When: Friday 23 September, 20.00 – approx. 23.00, with break