• Sunakali

    SUNAKALI, a documentary about a women’s soccer team from Mugu in Western Nepal and its journey to the national championship. This is a film about how a girl’s passion for football helps her pursue her dream and break free from the fate of most girls in her village.

    Mugu in Western Nepal is one of the least developed regions in Nepal. According to the 2011 Nepal Census, 90% of women in Mugu are illiterate. Set against the harsh but beautiful backdrop of the region, Sunakali is an uplifting documentary of Mugu’s women’s soccer team and its journey to the national championship.

    When: will be shown during the program Women in Sports Films, about the representation of women in sports films and media.

    Friday 23 September, 20.00

    Year: 2014
    Premiere: Dutch
    Length: 51 minutes
    Language: Mongalian, English subtitles
    Country: Mongolia
    Director: Bhojraj Bhat


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