• Ode To Muhammad Ali

    Maybe the biggest sports legend ever, Muhammad Ali. As we all know he passed away this year. We honor him with a special program. In it we ask the question: how did Ali inspired us all?

    Along with sports book writer and theatre-maker Arthur van den Boogaard (among other things known from ‘Sportmonologen’), former professional boxer Raymond Joval and boxer Jessica Belder (who will be fighting for the European title this October in Amsterdam) it will be a wonderful evening.

    A film about Ali obviously will be part of the program: in Facing Ali (2009) ten of Ali’s former rivals pay tribute to ‘The Greatest’. One of the lesser known, but certainly interesting and beautiful films about Ali. Presentation will be in Dutch.

    When: Friday 23 September, 21.30

    Year: 2009
    Length: 100 minutes
    Language: English
    Country: USA & Canada
    Director: Pete McCormack


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