• Let’s Be Frank

    A surf movie that is not a surfing movie. At least, not as you know them. A Red Bull film about the South African big-wave surfer Frank James Solomon. He himself says about the film: ‘The scenes in the film are based on true stories of my life but Peter Hamblin (Director) has crafted them into almost fictional tales, if you know what I mean .’ A film like you have probably not seen before. High cool factor. Absolute must.

    Prior to the screening of Let’s Be Frank we will show some other interesting, beautifull and probably surprising surf-shorts about winter-surfing in Siberia.

    When: Thursday 22 September, 21.15

    Year: 2016
    Premiere: Dutch
    Length: 45 minutes
    Language: English
    Country: South Africa
    Director: Peter Hamblin


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