• El Clásico

    When looking at the title you do not immediately think about a road movie of two little men through Iraq.

    Raising the question on how much people are willing to risk for love, El Clásico tells the story about the brothers Alan and Shirwan, two little people from a town in Kurdish Iraq, who are willing to risk their lives to deliver a pair of shoes to football star Cristiano Ronaldo, which Alan believes will bring him closer to marrying the love of his life.

    Shot in both Iraq and Spain, El Clásico gives an interesting contrast of two extremely different societies however connected by football. Sublimely sweet, sincere and fantastically acted. El Clásico is a heartwarming comedy about two small men who refuse to think small.

    When: Saturday 24 September, 19.45

    Year: 2015
    Premiere: Dutch
    Length: 75 minutes
    Language: Kurdish, English subtitles
    Country: Norway & Iraq
    Director: Halkawt Mustafa


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