• Art Loves Sport Exhibition


    We have asked Martijn Pool, founder of Art Loves Sport, to curate a special sportart exhibition during the festival. With Art Loves Sport Martijn grabbed the opportunity to channel his love for sportart and to pursue his mission: getting more and more people enthusiastic about art and sports through sportart. By using his artist network […]

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  • Party, Party


    To complete your visit at ISFFA; every night during the festival there is a great DJ turning the lobby of Het Ketelhuis in to a party! Make sure you’re there. By the way, before going to your movie, you can have a propper meal in Het Ketelhuis too! Usually there is a choice of three daily specials, […]

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  • Women in Sports Films


    At the Rio Olympics there was lots of criticism on the coverage of female athletes. In this debate, we will discuss the representation of women in sport movies and media. When talking about women’s sports we notice that instead of on heroism the point of focus often lies on issues like sexism, inequality, and social […]

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  • Latest premiere ever? 


    Film of 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam shown for the first time in The Netherlands. The Olympic Games in Amsterdam were the first of which an official film was made. Because the production rights were sold to the highest bidder, an Italian film company, the Dutch Cinema Federation was pissed and boycotted the film. Therefore it […]

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  • Olympic Art


    By Hans Vervoort – When my partner in crime Jelle Raven and myself where developing the concept of the ISFFA (International Sports Film Festival Amsterdam) it was clear that we wanted to tell the story off sports and their hero’s in a million different ways. Quite quickly in that brainstorming process it became obvious that only […]

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  • 17 Sports films in IMDb Top 250


    If we do not take the definition of a sports film too close, the IMDb Top 250, the list with the world’s top rated films, contains 17 sports films. You can find them below. Is this little or much? It depends on how you look at it. For fiction filmmakers it is very hard to […]

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  • ISFFA 2016

    The next edition of ISFFA will take place on 23 and 24 September in cinema Het Ketelhuis. Preparations for this are underway. You will soon find more about our progam. Stay informed through our newsletter.  

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